There are different strategies in FPS games that are used by players

First Person Shooter Games
First Person Shooter Games
First Person Shooter Games

Advanced Strategies for First Person Shooter Games

I’ve always been a fan of strategy games. I’ve played red alert, generals and such, but never have I thought that First Person Shooter games may well as be treated like a strategy game. Well, don’t judge me, that is way back when I was a kid. I first thought back then that playing First Person shooter games only revolved around killing and killing, be killed, be re-spawned and the cycle will once again circle back.
First Person Shooter games are indeed a strategy game. Though some may not know, there are several tactics that are involved in these games. You might be using them already and you just don’t know what it is called.
First in the line is the carney hole. Carney holes are the small nooks and crannies in a level that improve your tactical standing. For instance, the top lips of doorways, the shade of an overhanging pipe or even the old hide in the enemy base trick. This helps you get a better shot at your enemies and a terrain advantage.
Next is called the splash. It when you are in possession of a rocket launcher or any guns with AOE damage. This tactic says that you should aim that gun of yours in the feet and not the head nor the torso.
There’s also the bouncer, which refers to the bouncing of the grenade. It is leading the group by throwing a bomb. Correct way of doing this will result in a successful entry of your troops to the target’s base.
Next is the tapper. In First Person shooter games, when you have a machine gun and you are to fire it at a long distance, it is better to just tap it in order to maximize damage. Firing it repeatedly will just result in a miss because of the continuous recoil you may receive.
There’s also a tactic in some First Person Shooter games which allows you to feign death, allowing a lot of opportunities to open up. And there’s also the grenade jump. These tactics in some first person shooter games allow the user to be blown away to the wall letting you escape from your potential killer.
There are still tons of tactics in different First Person Shooter games. It is up to you to choose what will choose your style and practice it until you can perform each without a hitch. Once you do, you’ll surely have more fun than before.

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