First Person shooter games can bring violent behaviours to children.

First Person Shooter Games
First Person Shooter Games
First Person Shooter Games

The effects of First person Shooter Games

First Person shooter games are fun to play. Even I play them and I find it extremely satisfying and worth it to play for hours. I’m an adult so playing this kind of games, though bloody, it can hardly affect me. Well, that’s my personal opinion because as far as I know and feel, I’m still the same me; no violent behaviours whatsoever. But, what if this First Person shooter games are played by young children?
Yes, I did say bloody on the first part. First Person shooter games are extremely violent. It doesn’t only let you view with the eyes of the protagonist, it also lets you control that protagonist and see the violent things ? which is killing ? that they do. For adults, they may see this as entertaining but may sometimes not affect them at all. With just a little bit of strengthening their minds and coping to what’s supposed to be and what’s not, they can avoid being affected and changed. But this differs if the young minds of the children who still barely knows of the world plays this kind of First Person Shooter games.
Kids aren’t that knowledgeable about the world and they are still learning. But what if they play First Person shooter games and find it to be fun? Well, you should be alarmed. Playing Violent First Person shooter games is an active type of learning, unlike television, whereas passive learning is involved. This means that children are more prone to be inflicted with violent behaviour once they are involved in these kinds of games.
Also, violent First Person Shooter games directly reward violent behaviour, such as by awarding points or by allowing players to advance to the next game level. In some games, players are rewarded through verbal praise, such as hearing the words ""Nice shot!"" after killing an enemy. It is well known that rewarding behaviour increases its frequency. This may indicate to the minds of children that what they do is nice and not bad and will just increase the possibility of them having a violent behaviour afterwards.
First Person Shooter games are fun, but like the ‘PG’ warnings in television, these games are not proper for everyone, as it may inflict wrong teachings to children, especially nowadays where almost everyone even children have access to computers and these kinds of games. It is better to act now than waiting for something to happen.